As a woman, testosterone is definitely not your strong point, nor should it ever be. The main difference between men and woman are hormones. Yes, some of our body parts are different, but even those depend on certain chemicals and how these decide to combine.

At some point, you may need to research testosterone supplements, and if you need them to stay healthy both mentally and physically.
Loss of sexual drive can be caused by a drop in your testosterone levels. This is why many women research testosterone supplements and how to use them.
Unlike men, women naturally have a lower sexual drive. Contrary to popular belief, this does not make them frigid. The answer to why this happens is found in our evolutionary path.
Women are able to reproduce just for a few days a month, unlike men, who are always on the go. For this reason, sex drive decreases naturally.

testosterone men
Even if this behavior is natural, sex drive shouldn’t be completely absent, and if this happens, it might be related to your testosterone levels.
The testosterone production, starts decreasing in women, just after 20 years. This might be one of the reasons for which men find most attractive, women who are barely legal. Truth be told, there may be other reason for this…

To contra act this decrease in libido, scientist have studied different types of testosterone supplements that could be used by women.
They have found that a testosterone patch is most effective to improve desire levels and even how often women become interested in sex.
Lack of sexual desire has become an increasingly stressful situation for women all over the world. Thankfully, scientist believe that all our problems have a solution, and that, in this particular case, the solution could be a testosterone supplement.