The onset of menopause is a difficult period of time for women. Everything changes, your mood, your routine, you get night sweets and heat boosts and…your testosterone levels. This is why you might be interested in knowing more about testosterone supplements.
Testosterone and estrogen levels start falling once you reach menopause and you are no longer fertile.
Back in your 20’s you might have thought that you’ll enjoy this period in your life since you will have no menstruation, and no risk of becoming pregnant, you could do everything you want.
If you already hit menopause, you might think otherwise, but fear not, testosterone supplements will come to the rescue (kosttilskudd mann).
Don’t despair, there are things that could help change your mind, and could give you the freedom you’ve always wanted – testosterone supplements.

mens hormone
If your ovaries stopped producing testosterone, your sex drive bight be very low, and you might experience some hair loss.
I have some great news for you.
Scientists have discovered that testosterone supplements can affect a woman’s desire and the intensity of the orgasms they achieve, and by affecting them, I mean in the good way.
You should think about a few things before proceeding to following a testosterone supplementation.
· You need to test your testosterone levels and keep them in check.
· You’ll have to pick which is the best type of testosterone supplement for you – you can choose between gels, patches, creams or pills.
· A physician is always a great idea, when you need to consult with someone about your choices.
It’s true that menopause is a challenge, but all women go through it, and you are definitely not alone. The choices you make, will define your life from now on. You are the one who decides and the one who will benefit from those decisions.

Before you go on, think about this: Why not live your life as if you were in your 20’s, but with all the extra knowledge and experience? After all, with all the testosterone supplements on the market, you have a chance at actually enjoying your life.